Wednesday, June 19, 2019

June 18th

it's been a while since ive painted with acrylics so i figured why not. i wasnt sure if i was going to go outside or not, based on the weather we have been having.. i checked the weather on my phone and then went out side, it didnt match up. so im like today im going outside and im going to paint. so i got all my stuff together and i went outside.

first i was out on the grass on a blanket that i use, so i dont react so much to the ground. but it was too hot in the sun, to paint with acrylics. so i moved over to the shed and sat along the side of it.. i was on a ledge because it was basically the only part that was in the shade. it worked out tho, i only moved about once over when the sun was moving, but other than that i was in the shade the whole time. (i also moved after each painting, to wash the brushes, and put the painting in the bathroom to dry.)

[ before i went outside to paint, someone came over to picked something up and i was there to let them have access to what they were needing. i mentioned something about my ex and why i wasnt looking forward to vacation this year. i also mentioned that i removed myself from everything that i was involved with for the past 3 years. and pretty much no one seemed to care or noticed, and it's like well i know where i stand. ]

while i was painting i had the above paragraph in my mind and i wasnt really feeling the greatest. but i knew i wanted to paint, so i painted something.

Forest Fire
♥ Elissa

i used red paint first.. mostly because this how i felt. i felt sad and heart broken, i was mad and frustrated as can be. the background reminded me of sky, so i put blue on the plastic lid i was using, and i took a sponge brush and put it in the red paint as well, and i made trees. so the trees used to be lush and beautiful, now they are burnt and damaged from the fire. that is how i feel. i used to be this gal growing in the field, watching the beauty go by, and being full of hopes and dreams. a breakup happened because it wasnt healthy anymore, and what's left is this broken unhappy gal, who has no hopes and dreams anymore. however, little do these trees know, that forest fires are actually a good thing to forests. it helps give them life again, they just need to wait until the time is right before they can sprout and grow into beautiful trees again. i just need to wait until all this stuff that has happened goes away and im able to start a new life of mine, a healthier and a stronger life.

i was debating on if i should just leave this painting or if i should create another one. and if you know me, i created another painting. mostly because i wanted a new set of thoughts in my head, and i wanted to create something for one of my twitter friends. (the next time i get some money, im going to mail out paintings to my twitter friends)

♥ Elissa

this one, i wasnt sure what i wanted to do, but i knew i wanted to paint something. so i picked blue paint and i placed it randomly on the canvas. i took a spongebrush and painted the canvas. i added pink on top, used a circle sponge brush and dabbed the canvas until i didnt have any more paint. next, i added silver paint on top, and repeat the dabbing. added another colour, dabbed even more. i added more blue and dabbed even more. and i believe i added a bit more silver as well. once i was happy with the background, i couldnt just leave it. so i used black, and i hand painted the doodles. i stopped when i was pleased with the painting. 

i had left over paint, and i didnt want it to go to waste, so i went inside to grab another canvas and came back out and started to paint again.

Night Sky
♥ Elissa

i used the leftover paint i had, and i created this cool background and im like this is going to be sky. i have been in a tree phrase because well it's spring/summer and i stare at trees when im outside. so i did evergreen trees, and i added some grass, and im like well this looks like it's at night. so that's how it got the name. something simple, but still pretty cool. and a little bit of me in the painting too, because well the colours.

night sky - acrylics on a 5in x 7in canvas panel
forest fire - acrylics on an 8in x 10in  stretched canvas
doodles - acrylics on an 8in x 10in stretched canvas

Monday, June 17, 2019

A Little Something...

Art for me is very therapeutic! I would paint all the time if i could. Sadly, i dont have the room to store my art, nor do i have the funds to stock my supplies (paints, canvases, paper, and random stuff id like to use or have). Im not the greatest at selling art either, i dont do online payments, and cash/cheques dont always come by mail.

I am happy with giving my art away and seeing the smiles on people's faces. And every now and then when i do sell a painting, i get excited because ill have money to buy more art supplies.

I love trying to figure out what styles or techniques im really good at. But most of the time it's my intuition that has a way with the paint. im always amazed at the end result. I cant believe i just painted that!

Watercolours, i have an easier time at recreating the same thing. Ex: birds, i love painting birds.

Acrylics, I have the hardest time, recreating the same painting. Youll always see an original from me.

My paintings expose who i am. And i hope people are able to understand me through what they see and admire what i create.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

A Beautiful Day - 4

june 12th, was an interesting day.. it looked like it was cold outside, but when you got outside, completely different. it was actually hot and the breeze was warm. it was the perfect time to start painting. even tho it took me a while to get started, because if you dont know by now, i like to be comfortable, have a place, and have food with me as well. and because i didnt eat anything, i had my snack first, outside, listening to the birds.

i also was taking pictures before i started to paint, because well i was in a good mood and i felt like doing something different for the day.

in case you didnt know what i looked like:
(it's been a while since i felt happy for the sake of being happy)

and i looked like this for the day:

and this:

and in case you are wondering, those are peaches:

and this was my view:

and what did i paint:

yeah my mind doesnt live where i actually live.

the actual size:

p.s. i painted with watercolours.
p.s.s. i dunno where the owner is of that animal, but my guess the owner is the one taking the picture of the beach scene.. there's a good chance that sandcastle will be demolished quickly, because there is so much sand flying around in the picture.

p.s.s.s. this video is also from june 12th, i was going to paint another picture but the wind decided to play with my hair:

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

For Sale - 2

since i lack in selling my art, im doing another blog post on my art that is for sale. however i dont do online payments, so it's like:

messages me
person: i really love your painting ___ how much are you selling it for?
me: that one is $25 dollars, if you're in canada it's $35, and if you're in the USA it's $25 plus shipping and handling.

and we both will swap mailing addresses, and ill let you know when i ship it off. it most likely will have a tracking on it, because well it's a painting. and youll mail me say a card with cash/cheque in it, and ill let you know when i receive it. and if the card never gets to me, someone else needed the money more than i did, and im just glad you received the painting.

Canvas $25
Canada Shipping $35 (total) US Shipping $25 plus shipping/handling 
Payment: Cash/Cheque by mail (no online payment) 
(contact form is for desktop version only)

♥ Elissa
- acrylics on 8in x 10in stretched canvas

Just Breathe
♥ Elissa
- acrylics on 8in x 10in stretched canvas

♥ Elissa
- acrylics on 8in x 10in stretched canvas

Rainbow Power
♥ Elissa
- acrylics on 8in x 10in stretched canvas

these Rainbow Power paintings were made together, so if youd like them as a set, the prices will be different.  

Canvas $25
Canada Shipping $35 (total) US Shipping $25 plus shipping/handling 
Payment: Cash/Cheque by mail (no online payment) 
(contact form is for desktop version only)

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Twins - 3

remember when i keep on saying that i have an image in my head that i try to paint.. but it never ends up like that? well it happened again. i wanted to paint pineapples, did i get it? not even close! but i ended up with something pretty awesome, that i may not be able to do it again. nor would it have happened, if i wasnt listening to music while i was painting.

im not sure why but when i listen to Matthew Pinder's Too Young To Understand & Give Me Some Time, i just paint with the flow and i end up with amazing paintings (well i believe they are amazing). it's like the music goes through my soul and comes out as a painting.

like ive painted to Matthew Pinder's Give Me Some Time album before, and i ended up with 3 paintings. which are completely different than the rest of the ones ive painted.


and here while i was listening to both of his albums on my stereo (yay for bluetooth), i got lost in his music, so i didnt start painting until his second album came on. but i knew i wanted to paint, i just didnt know how to do it or anything. like i had this pineapple(s) image in my head for days, it's just a matter of when it's going to come out. but his music turned me into a whole different direction, and im glad i was listening to him so i could create these two paintings from each other.

i first started with one canvas, and i picked the colours i wanted to use. which i ended up using other colours... and i placed those on the canvas in a random pattern. and im like it's missing a colour, so i added another one. i took a paintbrush and i just stroked the canvas. and im like what am i going to do with this excess paint that i didnt want. mostly because drying will take forever. so i took my second canvas i had near me, and i placed it on top. and i squeezed both together. and i pulled them a part. from there, i painted the edges.

i present you with:

 Rainbow Power
♥ Elissa

Rainbow Power
♥ Elissa

p.s. acrylic paintings on 8in x 10in stretched canvas
p.s.s. i forgot my video that i created while i was finished and it was still very much wet...

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Time To Paint Again

it's been a marker type of week, so i decided to get back into painting again. plus, i was running out of inspiration to doodle while using markers.  you can only do it for so long before you get bored of it again. plus i wanted to paint birds!

first i did this:

this is what i use when im painting and i need a flat surface. i own two of these, i have one in purple as well. and when i use tap for watercolours, the tape lifts up the acrylics underneath so it's one less step for me when i need to "clean" the surface.

the cup i use for water, is from my bathroom, which ive had for many many years, and it fits perfectly in the whole, so i dont have to worry about it spilling.

what you dont see is the scissors i have where the tape is, i use them to cut the tubes of paint. the tubes of paint i have are so old, they are dried out, i use the scissors to help me get the paint out so i can use it.

you also dont see the tube paints or the palette i use with paints on it.

a better picture of this:

Tangled Love
♥ Elissa

i started with the hearts and away i went. i believe it looks good both directions. i had fun painting this, and it was fun using the water and the paint with this, because there really wasnt a plan to it, and i liked the look of dark to faded out paint. it adds a bit of flavor to the picture. plus, im amazed i painted hearts upside down, i didnt even moved the direction of the paper once.

moving on to my favorite type of picture to paint.....

im pretty sure you already have figured this out when i mentioned birds at the top. but yeah, now you can see the paint and the palette i use. as you can see the yellow, i had to basically cut the tube in half, and remove the "chunks" that was already there, so i can use yellow in my picture. the struggle is real to get the paint out. the tubes are like metal or so, like if you're not careful you can cut yourself. 

normally id have my legs straight out or like in a certain position, where im comfortable, but the seat i was sitting in didnt have room for my legs to be straight. so they are "straight" but elevated. i had help with a cushion and a blanket so my legs had support.

i had to stop painting because the wind picked up and the palette was moving while i was painting, even tho i was holding it. sections of my hand started to twitch a lot too, and that interfere along with the strong winds that were there. so it was like well im done for the day. 

i was going to colour with some markers, but it got really cold with the wind, so i ended up moving everything inside and called it.

♥ Elissa

Wednesday, June 5, 2019


these pictures are done with markers and a silver permanent marker.
and yes, that's a picture of me.

Monday, June 3, 2019

A Surprise

im trying to do something this month, which is different from all the other times ive been painting. id like to create a box or an envelope filled with mini paintings. and ship them off to a friend, so when she opens them up, she will have all sorts of paintings from me. it'll be like a surprise but not really because if she has social media she will see the pictures. and maybe just maybe people will see all these randoms and want a box of their own. i dunno i feel like doing something fun for myself and for whoever ill be shipping these off too.

here are some pictures from today (june 2nd) while i was outside and before my phone died. i tried doing video stories but that was a huge bust because instagram blocked my videos... apparently they didnt like 70s on 7 (the music choice). so i tried going on live to show me painting, but that was a bust. well no one joined, and the video that was posted, instagram ruined the quality of it. so im like screw this im just going to take pictures instead.

as you can see, i rarely move my legs and when i did, it wasnt that much. but yeah, when i sit, i sit and i tend to forget to move half the time. i also was very comfy where i was and how i was sitting. and when i do move my legs while being outside, most of the time it's to flick off ants or bugs/insects that land on me. they get annoying half the time.

so up close here are the pictures:

a little video:
(you may need to change the quality of it)

some more:

Saturday, June 1, 2019


remember my previous post on Fabric, and i had this i wouldnt say vomit looking colour but not pretty colour of paint that it turned into, and i wanted it all off? yeah, well i used that paint to create another picture, so i didnt waste it. it may not look like i used it, but let's just say it's the underneath coat. i added yellow, purple, and i believe blue on top. and i used a sponge brush to get the texture and marble affect. i also added more yellow and either blue or purple on top to finish off the painting.

i present you with.....

♥ Elissa

p.s. acrylics on an 8in x 10in canvas


so lately with my paintings when i use acrylics i have a tendency to make a textile print.. meaning it could be used for fabric. and most of the time when this happens, it's done by accident.. like i really dont have control over how i paint and the outcome i get. it just happens. and if i do it over again, ill either do it much better or get something completely different.

first ill show you examples of what im talking about and ill end this post with the newest addition to my collection that falls under this category.

♥ Elissa

Plaid Floral Abstract
♥ Elissa

Mother's Day
♥ Elissa

my newest addition:
♥ Elissa

as you can see this painting didnt mean to turn out like this. i was trying to make a piece using plastic forks instead of a paint brush. and some how the colours turned into i wouldnt say vomit colour but it wasnt a pretty looking colour. so i ended up scraping it off and put that paint onto another canvas (to work on later). i used a plastic fork, a hard brush, and even paper to get all this paint off. some how i created this piece of work that looks like fabric.  

could i do this piece again, honestly, i have no clue.

p.s this one is an 8in x 10in canvas.