Wednesday, October 9, 2019


since my 101 bookmarks were a huge hit, ive decided to paint some more. this time around, ill be giving bookmarks to one of my friends, for her surprise box/package.

this is what i have so far:

my goal is to paint her 25 bookmarks :)

p.s. these are done with watercolours

First Week Back Home

♥ Elissa

i did the green first, and then i did the flowers, i also switched out different shades of the colours as well. i wanted to add purple to fill in some more of the space, so i did that. afterwards, i added blue dots to make the sky.

the green & and the flowers i used the same brush. the blue dots i used a smaller tiny brush.

- watercolours

♥ Elissa

i didnt know what i was going too, i just painted two different shades of blue on the paper. and i took the same paintbrush to add the details on top.

- watercolours

♥ Elissa

i got bored and painted a bunch of dots, with watercolours.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

something interesting about these pictures above.... this is the actual size of them (compare to my paint supplies):

Monday, October 7, 2019

Vacation Paintings

i was on vacation in the bahamas, sept 27th to oct 4th 2019, and i took my watercolours down with me. i was planning on painting every day for a period of time, but that didnt work out so well, plus i ended up getting really sick as well.

i did paint some paintings, not as many as i thought or would like too, i also gave some paintings away, and some paintings i just didnt take pictures of. i did get feedback by some of my friends, strangers, and people we saw a lot while on vacation. overall, it was a good painting experience and i managed to advertise my own "company" as well.

before i left on vacation, i found a bag that i had in the bathroom, and i wrote my "company" name on it, and my social media information as well. so if people saw me walking with my paint supplies or saw me painting by the pool, they would get an idea of who i was. a lil self promoting i say :P

the start of my vacation paintings, i painted flowers and wrote a message on it. i believe i painted this while i was on the bed. (the travel day and the first full day of vacation, i was in a lot of pain).

 the sunday, i painted pictures for my friends that i ended up meeting later on that day. i painted a jellyfish, a close up of a phoenix, and some palm trees.

i also was told by a lot of people that i shouldnt stop painting and that im really good at it. i also made people's day when i gave them a painting that i recently just painted. like this one mom and boy, they gave a neon ball to my niece on the shuttle bus, and in return i gave them a painting. they even continued to talk about me and the painting to the group they were on vacation with. i sadly didnt take a picture of the painting, but i remembered which one it was. it was half blue (sky) and half pink (could be sand, could be the hotel of atlantis, could be whatever you wanted it to be). in the middle i had palm trees, they were mostly green, shades of green, with brown trunks. i also had green plants in front of the palm trees. this painting was a small one, the typical size i paint. the mom told me it would go perfectly in her son's room (the one who gave the neon ball to my niece).

i also had another painting, ive been in the phase of painting jellyfishes. and this time around i did a mother jellyfish with baby jellyfishes swimming upwards. there's this restaurant that we went to (twice) and a lady was there. the first dinner there, she was our waiter, and the second time she was the head waiter or so. after we were done eating the meal, i went over to her. i thanked her giving me two banana cream pies the first night (that was the only thing i ate) and i gave her the jellyfish painting i had. she couldnt believe that i painted something for her nor that i was that good. i really made her night, and i was happy to put a smile on her face.

i also created some abstract ones as well:

Sunday, September 22, 2019

A Whimsical Mood

A Jellyfish
♥ Elissa

i used watercolours for this painting, it's a pretty decent size but not too big or too small. my hands are on the smaller size, so everything does look really big when i hold things. i created this for my friend, who i havent seen in about 20 years. she had a baby shower that i was invited too, so i wanted to paint something special for her, since the gift i got is for the baby. p.s. she very much loved it.

so my friend asked me on facebook how i painted this, and i told her i used i believe 3 paint brushes and about 6 colours. i did the background first with most of the colours, i went in sections.. i started at the bottom and work my way up. after it dried, i went over with the silver paint to add the details of the jellyfish, to make it come alive. 

i most likely will be doing more of these paintings.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

A Girl
♥ Elissa

this one (used watercolours as well) i tried to do a smaller version of the jellyfish but make a lot more in one picture.. which didnt go so well, and i turned the painting into something else. i ended up making my layers like i did before, using different colours. and at the top i used a few different colours, and let gravity and water move the paint down the paper. after it dried, i used silver paint to add the details of the trees and i painted a girl as well. 

i most likely will be giving this to my friends' 1st baby, while im on vacation.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Some Randoms - Watercolours

my chiro's favorite animal is moose and he also loves golf:

painted using both hands:
(i have to say when you're sick, it's hard to paint birds)

someone at my eye doctor loves flowers so i painted them:

Friday, September 13, 2019

A Donation Surprise

this coming vacation (near the end of september), i will be donating items to Lend A Hand Bahamas as well as my friend's new school Boost Academy. Boost Academy opened up this month (it was delayed because of Hurricane Dorian), i felt like doing something extra special, to go with donations my mom & i are already going to give. 

i am a little behind on what i wanted to do, mostly because i got sick and im still trying to recover from it. (a reason why this art blog hasnt been updated) while being sick, i had some good days so i was able to work on my project that ended up speeding up the process because i was doing more than 1 at a time. like i would have 4 in a row, or i would have 9 in a row and went from there. also, by doing this i kinda created something cool. and ill talk more about that after i show the picture.

okay, ill cut to the chase, my surprise/goal is to paint 100 bookmarks with watercolours.

i believe i have 30 done, and i just need to do 70 more. before i started to paint these, i had a stack of bookmarks (previously cut out by me), so after i finish one or a handful im able to start another one. i havent cut out all 100 bookmarks, i think i did 50?! it takes a while to get through these while cutting, cuz of the size and my annoying vision. but like one sheet of watercolour paper i have i can either cut out 10 or 12 depending on how i do it.

the ones that are grouped together are extra special because who ever gets those, may not know that there are others that goes with theirs. and maybe just maybe they will all come together and work on a bookmark puzzle together.  they are quite the interacting bookmarks that ive painted/created.

if i am able tho, i may try to do another 100 and donate that batch to Lend A Hand Bahamas. (last year i donated a lot of books to them, so that's why the bookmarks came out as a great idea for donating to a school and to this company too.)

this is what ive done so far:

(as i was placing these on the floor to take a picture, i thought maybe after vacation i can go to my niece's/nephew's school. talk to the staff to get an idea of how many students are at that school and paint bookmarks for every student. or maybe just start with my niece's/nephew's class and work my way up. it gives me something to do for the winter months and i love painting so why not?!)

i created some more:

(slowly but surely ill paint 100 of these. i dont think ill have time to paint 100 more bookmarks for lend a hand bahamas, but i may do that next time im on vacation.)

here are some more:
(i did these all in one night sept 25th to sept 26th in the morning)

btw, would you like to see all 101 bookmarks i painted:
(i took this picture sept 26th in the afternoon before i left for vacation)

pretty amazing isnt it?! im so proud of myself for making a goal and completing it before vacation. p.s. i believe i got better over the period of painting these.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

(i took this video after i took the picture, but i didnt post it until i came back home from vacation)

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Left Handed Birds

so i finally did it... i created my famous birds but with my left hand.......

these are my right handed ones:

i have other bird pictures with my right hand, but these two are the most recent ones. and as you can see my left handed picture isnt that far off from my right handed ones, just the bird is flipped for the most part. and each bird is always different from the next.

ill keep on working with my left hand to create more bird pictures. ill always be creating birds no matter what hand ill use.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Aug 18th

night time of watercolour painting:

♥ Elissa
- did this with my left hand

♥ Elissa

♥ Elissa

♥ Elissa
- did this with my left hand

People - 2

i recently have learned that i can create cartoon characters using my opposite hand, and this case that's my left hand. im more shocked that im able to do this, because this reminds me of my drawings i had in grade 6. and did i mentioned im using my left hand to do this?

i didnt name these people, mostly because well i didnt want to get attached to them if i was to give them away, because they are people and they have feelings. and i didnt want to give the wrong name or people may think the picture is of them. but they are my new friends tho, and they dont talk so it's nice. :P

the one in braces, i did use my right hand to colour it in, because one of the markers was dying and i really needed to apply force to it.

i havent figured out how to do females yet with my left hand, or with the faces so ill have to work on that. i havent done another selfie picture since the first one i did, so i should probably get on that as well.

and this doesnt even look like me anymore, so i really need to update my selfie drawing.

i created more left handed people:

edit: sept 2019

Friday, August 16, 2019


so, i really love my new paint set because it has glitter, and it makes my water all glittery as well. which may annoy people, but i love glitter. i think it's something fun and surprising after you're done painting with non glitter paints to see that you still have glitter.

the weather hasnt been the greatest for me to go outside and paint, so im starting to paint on my bed again. (i paint while i watch tv, plus im comfortable for the most part, and i still eat my snacks as well.)

what ive been up to lately:
♥ Elissa

ive been wanting to paint a fox for almost a year now, and i finally was able to do it. it may not be your realistic or proper looking one, but it's what i see when i look at foxes. plus, with the paint set, not only is there a fox, but the whole painting is glittery. which is pretty awesome! but yeah, i managed to create a cute fluffy purple/orange fox. i most likely will be creating more foxes in my life. 

♥ Elissa

i have to say, carrots are one of the most annoy things to paint. these are not at all fun by all means, i rather just stick with painting birds. but hey, at least they are glittery carrots. 

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Twitter Suggestions - Markers

Favourite Animal & Favourite Colour

Jackie Of All Trades: Cats, Purple
Jackie Of All Trades
♥ Elissa
p.s. her blog

Teal Cats
♥ Elissa
p.s. her blog

Monday, August 12, 2019

Aug 8th

it was a hot day, and i found myself in the shade from the house. all these paintings are from watercolours.

these two are made from each other:

these two were supposed to be made from each other, but one of the paper wasnt thick/heavy enough to absorb the water:
the bigger piece was a thinner piece of paper, and it didnt or couldnt absorb the water/paint from the other piece of paper. so i ended up just having fun with both of them. during these two paintings i listened to Matthew Pinder, and even with watercolours, i still paint the same while i listen to his music.

this one was the start of having fun with water and watercolours:

and this one is because i was bored and wanted to do circles:

it may not look like a lot of paintings because well they are small, but they are quite time consuming, which is nice. because i get to sit outside, enjoy the weather and i get to paint at the same time. i didnt have to worry about shade hoping, because i used the house the whole time. i was in the front yard not the back, and i barely moved at all. i moved near the end because the wind came and i got cold, so i moved more into the sun, but the wind just continued. so i finished my last painting, i believe it was the circle one, and i packed my stuff up and i went back inside.

the weather shifted and it's been cold and gloomy outside, so i havent been back out to paint.