Monday, June 3, 2019

A Surprise

im trying to do something this month, which is different from all the other times ive been painting. id like to create a box or an envelope filled with mini paintings. and ship them off to a friend, so when she opens them up, she will have all sorts of paintings from me. it'll be like a surprise but not really because if she has social media she will see the pictures. and maybe just maybe people will see all these randoms and want a box of their own. i dunno i feel like doing something fun for myself and for whoever ill be shipping these off too.

here are some pictures from today (june 2nd) while i was outside and before my phone died. i tried doing video stories but that was a huge bust because instagram blocked my videos... apparently they didnt like 70s on 7 (the music choice). so i tried going on live to show me painting, but that was a bust. well no one joined, and the video that was posted, instagram ruined the quality of it. so im like screw this im just going to take pictures instead.

as you can see, i rarely move my legs and when i did, it wasnt that much. but yeah, when i sit, i sit and i tend to forget to move half the time. i also was very comfy where i was and how i was sitting. and when i do move my legs while being outside, most of the time it's to flick off ants or bugs/insects that land on me. they get annoying half the time.

so up close here are the pictures:

a little video:
(you may need to change the quality of it)

some more: